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Landscaper Gardener Self Storage
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Business Storage

Business Self Storage provides a flexible alternative to renting commercial premises on a long term basis. You can avoid the expense of legal fees and the aggravation of a complicated lease.

  • STOCK – Need to store your stock in a secure place?
  • RECORDS & ARCHIVES – Looking for somewhere to store your records and archives, safely and securely?
  • MOVING OFFICE – Require temporary storage?
  • BUILDERS – Nowhere to store your tools, we have the solution
  • LANDSCAPE GARDENERS – Storage for your equipment with 24 hour access
main benefits

Why Choose Us?

  • Easy access
  • Affordable storage designed to fit your business needs
  • Clean storage units – different sizes available
  • Convenient storage – You can store almost anything you like no matter how big or small*
  • 24 hour access option, 7 days a week
  • Flexible, short term storage options**
  • Protected by a combination of CCTV, floodlighting and secure compound

You can store by the week, month, year or for as long as you require.

*Restrictions apply – Refer to prohibited items.

**Minimum storage period 4 weeks.

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